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  • Varley - research and sharing of information about the surname.

  • Viveiros - Portuguese and Swedish genealogy.

  • Vincent (1)

  • Valente / DiRenzo - family history of Giovanni Valente (1887-1969) and Nunziata DiRenzo (1897-1983) of Gambatesa, Italy and Camden, New Jersey, and their ancestors back to 1690.

  • Van Rensburg - first South African van Rensburg, and related families.

  • Vickers - resources for those researching their Vickers families in the South.

  • Valerio

  • VanWagenen

  • Vanderford

  • VarnBuhler / VanBuhler - history and genealogy of the families.

  • Vinson - includes information on the main branches of the Welcher, Rhodes, Vinson, and Trumbly families. Also provides notes on Osage Tribe lineage.

  • Vidaurri

  • Voiss - family histories including Styrlund, Bushee, Enright, Genereau, and O'Connor families.

  • Venables - historical and current information about the Venables family and the small village in Normandy, France - Venables.

  • Vanderheiden - genealogy and family history, other spellings include Van der Hyde, Van der Heiden, Van der Hyden, and more variations.

  • Vitolo - family genealogy.

  • Van Sise

  • Veale - descendents of William Veale detailing Veale's from 1870 - 2000.

  • Van Der Hulst - offers family history book for sale.