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  • Norwegian Roots - home to the Roots Genealogy Awards, genealogy resources, and Hostager, Hauståker, and Høstaker family history.
  • Nickell and Gaunce
  • Niderost - family history, genealogy tree, and pictures from the year 1515 in Switzerland.
  • Nicholson - history of the Nicholsons of Spryfield, Nova Scotia, who maintained the dams and lakes that supplied water for the city of Halifax.
  • Norton - Researching specific Irish family names
  • Nissen - traces the family tree in Denmark and the USA.
  • Noffsinger - researching the Nafzger/Noffsinger family in America.
  • Norick - alternate spellings include: Noricks, Norrick, and Norrix.
  • Nau - also Nau, Naud, Nault, Naux, Neau, and Neault.
  • Nesbitt / Nisbet - aims to assist genealogical research into families and to identify and preserve heritage.
  • Noyes
  • Newsom / Barham - other surnames include: Nelson, Jones, Maxey, Ballard, Altepeter, Hambick, Stuart, Grisham, Ledford, and more.
  • Nye - official site of the Nye Family of America Association and of the historic Benjamin Nye Homestead in East Sandwich, Massachusetts.
  • Nutt - features many different surname databases, some of which cover Davy, Ellis, Hunt, Landreth(ith), McPherson, Nash, and Rowley(ee).
  • Noel - history and genealogy of the Joseph Noel family of Lycipus, Westmoreland County, PA.
  • Norwood - A site promoting genealogical research for descendants of Francis Norwood (1636-1709) and Clement Coldam of Lynn and Gloucester, Massachusetts
  • Nugent - family history back to the 1700's.
  • Natt - family history, focusing on the family's experiences during the holocaust.
  • Nithart / Neidhart / Neithart - also Nitart and Nitert.
  • Nares
  • Nieland Family Homepage - for the descendants of John Henry Nieland, who arrived in America in 1869.
  • Niehoff - traces ancestory rooted in surnames Wille, Bock, Christman, Druktenis, Linkus, Andrulis, and Andrijauskas.
  • Newbegin / Meeker
  • Nafzger / Noffsinger - for decendants in the U.S.
  • Nogueira
  • Northern - also Northen, Northon, Northin, Northan, and Northerne.
  • Newman - describes a branch of the family from Somerset, Dorset, and Wiltshire in England.
  • Niderost Family Tree -
    Ancestral heritage of Tom Niderost; includes Swiss and American branches.
  • Noblett -
    History of the name, coats of arms and pedigree.
  • Norton Ancestors -
    Ancestral research as compiled by Sharon Norton Freedland and Colleen Norton Raven. Includes the surnames Norton, Naughtin, Baker, Beehler, Clement, Coyne, Grady, Heveran, Manion and Raven.
  • Neumann Family -
    Mennonite, Lutheran, German, Dutch and Norwegian heritage.
  • Nissen Family Tree -
    Documenting the lineages of California; family has Danish roots with North American offspring.
  • Noble: Our Irish and Polish Past -
    Ancestral heritage of Ray and Alice Noble including the Nobles, Tucholskis, Sullivans, Witkowskis, McGlinns, Donahues, Hazlets, Rogers (McCrory), Moran and Spillane families.
  • Nance/Sowers -
    Family history of Sonia Nance Kinback, mostly from Virginia.
  • Nicholsons -
    History of the family from Spryfield, Nova Scotia, CAN.
  • Neech Family Tree -
    Documenting the ancestry of the lineage from Mendham in Suffolk on the Waveney River just across the border from Norfolk, UK. Includes surname resources and all variants.
  • Neufeld -
    Family history of Abraham A Neufeld (1843-1928) including associated lineages.
  • Noah -
    Descendants of John Noe born circa 1765 in Orange County, NC USA; died 1846.
  • Nettles -
    Early pioneers to Nassau County, Florida. Includes family history of Henry David Nettles (b.1843) and sons Jessie Hiram and George Washington.
  • Nemelka Family -
    Descendants of Carl Alois and Helene Elizabeth Lucas Nemelka who emigrated from Germany to Salt Lake City, Utah, USA in 1909.
  • Noffsinger -
    Ancestry of Ben Noffsinger including surname history and resources.
  • Nemetz Family History -
    Ancestral research compiled by Shirley Barnett. Includes contact details, general history and photographs.
  • Nishimuta -
    Family of Kyutaro Nishimuta (born Tateno) from Fukuoaka, Japan and his wife Louisa Lorenzo from Almeria, Spain.
  • Niven Family Connections -
    Research resources for those investigating the name and its application. Includes mailing list, message board and associated links.
  • Nannery -
    Devoted to Nannery families around the World. Promoting the exchange of research, photographs, stories and contact details.
  • Navin, Nevin, McNevin Irish Family Clan -
    Irish-American heritage including Scottish connection, O'Harts Irish pedigrees and a history of the Neville family.
  • Norzagaray Family Tree -
    MSN group dedicated to the ancestral history of the Norzagaray family. Includes photographs and pedigree as compiled by Wayne Ruben Norzagaray (Gunn) of Leicester, ENG.
  • Nygaard -
    Family history of Ketil (Ken) Nygaard including the lineages of Norway, Europe and North America.
  • Newcomer -
    Family heritage featuring pedigree and general history.
  • Nielsen, Sedivy, Butterfield, Alex and Related Families -
    Features the lineages from Pocatello and Preston areas of Idaho to Tacoma, Washington. Compiled by Peggy R Nielsen from Trego, Montana, USA.
  • Northup Family -
    Ancestral history and general interests of Rick Northup. Includes family tree, photograph album, plus country links and alternatives.
  • Neff Family -
    Descendants of Joel Neff (1804) of West Virginia, USA. Branches include Neff, Butler, Wilder, South and Kueffer.
  • Napier: USA - American ancestral history of Nickolas, Sandy, Phil and James Napier.
  • Nagy -
    Invesitgating the name and its global application.
  • Nassenstein Legend and Crest -
    History of the name and how it developed circa 1383 in the German State of Northrine Westfalen; includes family blazon.
  • Neubronner -
    History and descendents of Johann Anton Neubronner (b.1763) from Esch, Germany. Traces the lineage to the Far East and includes photographs, coats of arms, historical documents, and family trees.
  • Nix: the Story of an American Family -
    Family tree of William Nix (b.1765) from SC USA; descendants were based in Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi. Includes land grants and confederate service records.
  • Neely -
    Ancestors of James R Neely including surname origins; Irish and US lineages; 1796 list of Irish flax growers; and Griffith's Valuation.
  • Norvell Press -
    Descendants of Thomas Norvell. Includes family origins and associated lines.
  • Nolen -
    Descendants of William Nowland of Goochland County, VA 1740. Includes spelling variants Noland and Nowlin. Compiled by Glenn Allen Nolen.
  • Nagle -
    Family history from York and Lancaster Counties, PA USA; compiled by R Nagle.
  • Nordhoff Family Story -
    History of the lineage from the 1830s to the 1950s, compiled by Chad Chadwick, grandson of Charles B Nordhoff.
  • Nothard Family Database -
    Full listing of all English civil birth, death and marriage registrations.
  • Norick Family -
    Researching the lineages of Norick, Norrick and Norrix. Compiled by Patti M Norrick.
  • Newham Family Resource Page -
    Concentrating mainly on the American Newhams.
  • Norvall: Marco and Ervin Family History -
    Ancestors of Pamela Marco Norvall and James Ervin; linked to Europe and the British Isles.
  • Nicklas -
    Family history of Ray Nicklas including Irish, German and Italian ancestors.
  • Naduvilathu Family -
    History of Naduvilathu family, which is a Branch of the Kumbanattu Kudumbam.
  • Neesom -
    Ancestors of Debbie Neesom including hints, ideas on research and the process of creating a family tree.
  • Newman -
    Family of Jeri J Newman including the surnames Newman, Klein, Sharp, Nixon and Teel.
  • Needham -
    Researching the family lineage with ties to the Farrell and Lowe clans.
  • Nosbush Family Network -
    Ancestral research including the variant Nosbusch. Site is password protected and requires registration to view.
  • Nijland -
    Family history of Henk Nijland including the surnames Jacobs, Werson, Mulder, Brinks, Menop, Creemer, Noordijk, Hoeksema and Dixhoorn. Site is available in German, Dutch and English. Origin: Zeerijp, Province of Groningen, The Netherlands.
  • Nickson -
    Family history of Malcom Leel Nickson including surnames Brown, Dickie, Jones, Leel, Leil, Littlemore, McDougall, Mowat, Norrie, Sellar, Waling and Wayling.
  • Nickell -
    Ancestral history with emphasis on the lineages of North Carolina and Virginia, USA.