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  • Kavanagh - overview of the origin and early history of the Kavanagh clan/family.
  • Kistler - includes coat of arms description and general history, photos, and links.
  • Kitces / Keces / Keses / Kitzes / Kitzis - family tree and significant events for the families. Also includes Charest, Pearson, Gordon, Westheimer, Greenwald, Simon, and Rohr.
  • Kizhanatham - dedicated to Kizhanatham V. Athinatha Iyengar and his family history. Includes background on Kizhanatham Village.
  • Krey
  • Kernke - researching the descendants of Christian Wilhelm Kernke from Lansberg, Prussia. Also includes the Scheffler, Hebbard, Schroter, Rosanack, Daum, Herfort, Nietke, and Trieves families.
  • Kenna - family tree and photos for the extended family of Kenna, Willette, Averett, Byrd, Cole, and Graves.
  • Kipnis - dedicated to the family's history.
  • Kippelman / Kipilman - documenting the family in America since the 1899 arrival of Max Kipilman from Kolki, in present-day Ukraine. Includes guestbook, virtual cemetery, photos, and links.
  • Kerchner - discusses the ancestry of the family in Lehigh County, (Allentown area), PA.
  • Kinsella - contains historical and genealogical information as well as a bulletin board and related links.
  • Kouklis / Kouklakis / Angavanakis - of Crete, Greece and the USA. Family history, photographs and lineage.
  • Kyle - also covering the surnames Webster, Davis, Anderson, Hagerman, Tyree, Irving and Pettus.
  • Kiff - one name study of the surname including newsletters.
  • Kirkpatrick - variations of Kilpatrick, Killpatrick, and Gilpatrick.
  • Kennamer - information about the family, with a special emphasis on their history in North Alabama.
  • Kurudamannil - traces the origins of the family from the first century.
  • Kinsman - provides descendant outlines for Kinsman, Daugherty, Delbridge, Gill, and others.
  • Koon / Lomax / Quattelbaum - Lineages for Benedictus Kuhn, William Lomax, Jacob Keller, Henry Dominick and Peter Quattelbaum.
  • Kean - family tree of the Keans from Bonavista Bay, Flower's Island and Pool's Island, Newfoundland.
  • Kirkwood - Descendents of Alexander Kirkwood (1823-1901).
  • Knappenberger - spellings include Knuppenburg, Knappenberg, and Knappenburger.
  • Kennedy / Dennis / Flanagan - also Hull, Jarvis, Klahn, Maddy, and more.
  • Kerry - also King, Lukes, and Hutcheon in the counties of Kent, Suffolk, and Norfolk.
  • Knoblauch / Knobloch / Knoblock - dedicated to sharing information/queries on these family names.
  • Keser / Kiser - dedicated to tracking down the family line. Includes a chat room of Keser / Kiser family memebes.
  • Keys - also researching the alternate spellings: Key, Keye and Keyes.
  • Knippenberg - family tree and history of castle Knippenberg.
  • Kinsey / Kinzie
  • Kellogg - tracing the family from the early 1600s in Massachusetts, and Illinois to California in 1846.
  • Kyger - descendants of Christian Geiger 1700 - 1779.
  • Kiblin
  • Kitching - researching surnames: Kitchen, Kitchin, Gerhard, Gerrard, Dubery, Dewberry, and Willis.
  • Kluge - information about the Kluge Family in Denmark, Germany and the USA; searching descendants world-wide; links to Danish and German addresses.
  • Kurzweil
  • Kuzniewski / Kneski - origin of the name, extended family tree, and family history.
  • Kyler - dedicated to Kylers and Kyler genealogy.
  • Knaiger / Kniager - members that originated from Russia in the early 1900s and settled into New Hamshire.
  • Kreitlow - includes names, dates, and family essays.
  • Krueger - other surnames include: Werner, Stuntz, Gloth, Whipple, Lothrop, Dane, Faulkner, Crosby, Brackett, and Goodenow.
  • Kerlin - dedicated to researching genealogical information on the family surname.
  • Kimball
  • Kletke / Durham - for the families which come from Oklahoma and Colorado.
  • Koistinen - interactive research/communication site for Koistinens around the world.
  • Kondrup - tracing descendants who emigrated from Denmark and settled in England and the northeastern United States, including New Jersey, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.
  • Kaye - traced back to late 1600's in Belgium including the surnames: Capiaux, Gillard, Gerard, Knap, Stordeur, and more.
  • Krenn - Fischer, Voiland, Weller, May, Webber, and others.
  • Kueber - also includes Wade, Rischette, and related families.
  • Karlinsey - includes name origin and links to family records.
  • Klee / Boock - genealogy and family history of the Klee and Boock families in New Zealand. Also with information on the names: Williams, MacLean, Reid, Himes, Foley, and Bennetts.
  • Kenyon - family genealogy.
  • Karr - includes genealogical and historical information for the families of John C. Karr and Rev. Thomas Moore, early pioneers of White County, Indiana.
  • Kendall - documenting the Kendalls from the fifteenth century to the present. Also includes information about the Anderson, Pigman, and Bowen families.
  • Kilgo - devoted to Kilgo families in Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. Also includes history of the Kilgore surname.
  • Kreuser - traces the ancestors of John Andrew Kreuser.
  • Krohn -
    Family history of Patrick Krohn including associated links.
  • Kulenovic -
    History of Kulenovic family from Venice. Bilingual, English and Bosnian.
  • Konstantynowicz -
    History of the lineage from Lithuania as compiled by Bogdan Konstantynowicz. Includes the surnames Malkiewicz, Zbieranowski, Szostak, Brzezinski and Zarakowski.
  • Kemp Family Association and Allied Families -
    US based; featuring reunions, current research interests, contact details, newsgroup and events.
  • Kuzniewski and Kneski Journal -
    Family history project covering the United States and Poland.
  • Kuykendall - Neuffer -
    Family history as compiled by Don Kuykendall.
  • Knibb(s) One Name Study -
    Single name study featuring the variants Knibb, Knibbs and Nibbs.
  • Kerchner -
    Family history of Charles F Kerchner of Lehigh County, PA USA. Includes link to genetic DNA testing information and resources.
  • Knippelberg -
    Family history and message boards. Includes searchable index, photographs, and related links. Also offers information in German.
  • Kesterson Kollections -
    Descendants of Thomas Kesterson (1648-1720) of London ENG; died in Northumberland County, Virginia, USA. Includes BDMs and associated families.
  • Kipke -
    Family history of Bob Kipke including most wanted, sons of the revolution, US Navy research and Detroit Class of 1942.
  • Kopinsky Family Tree -
    Descendants of Gaim Kopinsky as compiled by Sandor Kopinsky of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
  • Kakkilayas of Bevinje -
    Researching the family line from Kasaragod, South India.
  • Kaminsky Family Tree -
    Ancestral research covering Poland, Lithuania, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
  • Kizhanatham Family Tree -
    Descendants of Kizhanatham V Athinatha Iyengar (b.1902) as compiled by Andal Krishnamurthy.
  • Korns -
    Family history of the Somerset County, Pennsylvania pioneer Michael Korns Snr, who was born in Berks County, PA in 1760 and died in Somerset County in 1824.
  • Kippelman Kipilman Family From Kolki -
    Researching the surnames Kippelman, Kipilman, Himmelfarb and Eidus. Includes an online virtual cemetery and links for Jewish ancestry.
  • Keddy -
    Ancestral heritage of Bryan Keddy from Nova Scotia, CAN. Includes photographs, general history and headstone inscriptions. Surnames include MacLean, Siemens and Goerz.
  • Knowles in Georgia -
    Ancestral research including a diary (1852-1858) and the story of Joseph E Noles (1817-1907).
  • Kellond -
    Portal for the name and all variations. Includes access to worldwide research and resources.
  • Kohring -
    Researching the lineages of Kohring, Küper, Diefenbach, Simon, Padgett and Sondag.
  • Kahl Family -
    Descendents of Johan Michael Kehl (1734-1794) as compiled by Robert Kahl. Includes both associated and non-associated lineages. Also features surname study including the variants Cale, Coehl, Kahle, Kail, Kale, Kehl and Kohl.
  • Koshko Family Lineage -
    Ancestral heritage of Rick Wiegmann Koshko; features the descendants of Andrew Koszkowski and Julia Radiak who settled in central PA, USA and assumed the name Koshko.
  • Kitzes Family Reunion -
    Family history of Ze'ev Wolf Kitzes circa 1700. Includes various documents and associated links.
  • Kruse Family from Germany -
    Ancestry from Viezen and Selow of the old Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin now Mecklenburg Vorpommern, of far northeastern Germany and related families in Illinois, Wisconsin and New York.
  • Kreer -
    Researching the American lineage; includes family tree and an index of associated families.
  • Kannegaard and Hvitved Family -
    Family history of Peter Kannegaard with lineages from Denmark and America.
  • Killough Reunion Association -
    Primary purpose is to assist those who are doing research on their Killough ancestors and contemporaries.
  • Kibbe Connections -
    Researching the name and its global application. Site is maintained by Scott Prentice with submissions welcome.
  • Kerrigan -
    Family history discussion group including Irish, USA and Military topics. USA features birth, death, census and marriage sub topics.
  • Krey -
    Family trees, general history, photographs and associated links.
  • Kozy -
    Family history of Mary Kozy including the surnames Bostow, Martin, Shiver, Crews, Purcell, Starr, Susak, Bondly and Weger. Features pedigree charts, census records, mailing list and links to associated message boards.
  • Kiff -
    Ancestral heritage and general interests of Robert Kiff including a surname study and web services.
  • Keesling -
    Family database of Tim Keesling.
  • Kristoffersen and Holthe Family -
    Ancestral history from middle-Norway.
  • Kombrink -
    Name history and migration research as compiled by Bernard and Kasper Kombrink. Features German and Dutch origins and all spelling variants.
  • Kistler Family -
    General history, photographs, associated links, gedcom files and family tree.
  • Kersey -
    Descendants of Fleming Kersey as compiled by John Phillip Kersey Snr from Ashland, VA USA.
  • Knevett -
    Ancestors and descendants of Colin Knevett including pedigree, forum, associated information and point of contact.
  • Kenzie -
    Reports on the Kinsey, Kenzie, Kinzig, Neff and Morganstern lines including associated families.
  • Kopciak and Kamenmacher -
    Researching the names and their Jewish origins. Includes pedigrees, spelling variations and guestbook.
  • Kepler -
    Family history of Jimmie Aaron and Benita Breeding Kepler including the surnames Breeding, Goodman and May. Also features general interests and beliefs.
  • Kolojeski/Kolodziejski Family History -
    Focus is on the lineages of Przeradowo and nearby towns in Poland (north of Warsaw) that arrived in Shenandoah and Scranton, PA USA between 1899 and 1907.
  • Kirk -
    Family tree of Kerry Kirk from Dry Ridge, KY USA. Seeking the descendents of Kelly Kirk; known children are Dennis and Craig.
  • Krukewitt -
    Family history and general interests of Danny Krukewitt.
  • Kraus -
    Investigating the Kraus(e) families from the German villages on the Volga to establish relationships between worldwide lineages. Includes variants Crouse, Krause and Krouse. Maintained by Dick Kraus.
  • Kooistra -
    Family history of James Kooistra, mostly in the County of Achtkarspelen, in the Province of Friesland.
  • Keslake -
    Ancestors and descendants of Thomas Charles Keslake born circa 1816 and wife, Augusta Gillham.
  • Kilhefner -
    US family tree of George Patrick Kilhefner from Detroit, MI to Ashland, OH and Ephrata, PA. Surnames include Crabtree, Rowe, Kilhefner, Springer, Kahl and Keegan.
  • Kangas -
    Ancestral history of Stephen Kangas featuring the Finnish origins of the Kangaskokko family. Includes surname research project and associated forum.
  • Keller -
    Family history and general interests of Jim and Trish Keller. Surnames featured include Keller (Riesinger), McWhorter, Davis, Campbell, Metzendorf, Quinn and McCausland.
  • Kuhns -
    Ancestral history of David G Kuhns. Includes surnames Dausel, Geerdts, Karlsen (Carlson), Korth, Larsen, Mortensen, Nachtigal and Starke.
  • Kenna -
    Family photographs, pedigree and history for the families of Kenna, Willette, Averett, Cole, Byrd and Graves.
  • Katzler World Wide -
    Global directory for those with the Katzler name. Features contact details and forum.
  • Kampen -
    Researching the lineages of Kampen, Wollin, Hoskins, Verch and Hendrickson.
  • Klair Family -
    Ancestral heritage of Ron Klair from Maitland, FL USA. Focus is on the family's German origins and the branches that spread to the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom.
  • Kolpin -
    Family history of Steve Kolpin; seeking family connections in Canada, Germany, Hungary and the USA. Features the surnames Koelpin, Schattmann, Kapischke, Banko and Gansky.
  • Kempster -
    Family ancestry of William Kempster including the related surnames Stoll, Stokley and Hagan.
  • Knox Family -
    Ancestral heritage including the branches of Fearby, Griggs, O'Brien and O'Conner.
  • Kimes -
    Tracing the ancestral past of Cindy Kimes from Elkhart, IN USA. Includes the surnames Boyer, Brown, Fishley, Hilton, Horein, Kimes and Wales.
  • Knecht -
    Family history including the descendants of Rafael Knecht and Chaja Sura Hersz.
  • Kostohryz -
    Family history and general interests of Vernon R Kostohryz. Features Kostohryz and Rydel ancestry and trip to the Czech Republic.
  • Karran Families Ancient and Modern -
    Documenting the name and its global application.
  • Kaye Files -
    Family history archives for Kay, Kaye, Kayes, Key, Keye and Keyes researchers. Includes link to Project 50, a DNA project where Y-line signatures of 50 male Kayes (any spelling) will be tested against initial genetic findings.
  • Kinsey One Name Study -
    Researching the name and its application across the globe. Focus is on UK origins, especially the lineages of Cheshire and Lancashire. Includes variants Kensey, Kinsie and Kensie.
    Krems and Taylor -
    Family History of William H Krems including paternal line from Osnabruck, Hannover, DEU; and maternal line from Warwick, NY USA. Includes Staatsarchive Emigration Search Help.
  • Kincel-Christian Family -
    Ancestral heritage of Bud and Joyce (Kincel) Christian including the surnames Bavers, Bucholtz, Chakey (Czaky), Christian, Killett, Kincel, Ross Lamd, Lattimer and Orr.
  • Kostrubala -
    Ancestors and descendants of Antoni Kostrubala and Helen Harkot. Features Polish origns and family branches in the USA.
  • Kuder: USA -
    Traces all Kuders living in America to their German roots.
  • Kerry Family -
    Descendants of Antoine Kerry featuring the lineages of Louisiana, particularly the Natchitoches Parish area. Includes BDMs, general history and pedigree.
  • Keyser: My German Ancestors -
    Family tree of Thomas Franklin Keyser.
  • Klemm -
    Ancestral history of Cindy A Klemm including the Hemelberg, Kramer and Klein families of Germany.
  • Klotz -
    Ancestral heritage of Carolynn Travis Klotz. Focus is on the Klotz and Springer lineages.
  • Kemble -
    Descendants of Roger Kemble and Sarah Ward, founders of the British acting dynasty of the 18th and 19th centuries. Surnames include Siddons, Arkwright and Twiss.
  • Kipnis -
    Researching the family worldwide, with a concentration on American lineages.
  • Kisby -
    Features surname origins, notable Kisbys, family tree, plus a gedcom for the period 1605 to 1999.
  • Kisner -
    Descendants of Samuel and Mary Kisner. Focus is on the lineages of what is now North Central West Virginia in Monongalia County, USA.
  • Kammerzell-Sommer Family History -
    Ancestry and interactive family tree as compiled by Doug and Liz.
  • Kutan -
    Mustafa Nedim and family from Turkey. Includes history, photographs and family tree compiled by Serkan Kutan. Available in English and Turkish (requires flash).
  • Kessell -
    Descendants of William Kessell (b.1665) Perranzabuloe, Cornwall, UK. Includes articles on Deadwood Dick (Richard Bullock) and Ivan Kessell, compiled by Roger Kessell.
  • Kinnersley -
    Family history presented in narrative form, based on information from Census and Vital Records, as compiled by Bill Kinnersley. Includes pedigree tree.
  • Klumb -
    Descendants of Hans Jacob Klump from Argenthal, includes family tree originating from Ellern, Hunsrück, Germany. Bilingual, German and English.
  • Kaylor -
    Family history of Mary Ann Kaylor. Includes surnames Stewart, Robison, Converse, Reid, Tedrow, Ickes, Phelan, Holloway, Jones, Nelson, Wheeler, Van Norman, Ely, Patton, Foster and Roberts.
  • Kuzma Family -
    Family history of the line based in Erie, PA. Includes surnames Nagy, Pirnaga, Grega and Kurta.
  • Kavenaugh -
    Ancestral history of James Kavenaugh including family tree, photographs, stories, news updates and a forum with private message facility.
  • Kaiser -
    Family history of Leslie Kaiser featuring the lineages from Nova Scotia, South Carolina and Germany.
  • Kearvell -
    Worldwide family tree of Michael John Kearvell from Wantage, Oxon ENG. Study is indebted to Gordon Kearvell (ENG) and Mary Voyle nee Kearvell (NZ), who compiled the original tree.
  • Kinter -
    Ancestral heritage of Jim Kinter. Includes information on Kintersburg Bridge which was built in 1877 in Kintersburg, Indiana, PA USA. The bridge was named after the local storekeeper Isaac Kinter.
  • Kattke -
    Descendants of Julius Kottke (1860-1915); from West Prussia to Iowa, USA. Compiled by Jerry Kattke from Naperville, IL.
  • Kehely: Four Families -
    Family history of Timothy Kehely, William Reece, John Pearce and Jean Forsyth. Compiled by Vicki Smith, nee McKeown.
  • Kew -
    Family history of Percy Kew and Florence Purdy including the surnames Armstrong, Essex, Miller, Correll, Sandeski, Long, McLean, Meynell and Bowles.
  • Kosark -
    Family tree database, including associated surnames, mostly from the Rosebud and Owensville area of Gasconade County, Missouri.
  • Kelso -
    Researching the name and its application. Includes photographs, documents, crests and associated resources.
  • Knauss Homestead -
    Based in Emmaus PA, the home was built in 1777 by Henry Knauss. Includes information about the homestead, location, restoration, coat of arms and family history.
  • Kumbanad Family, Kerala, India. -
    A family tree and family history going back to Easaw Panicker, who lived in the latter half of the 18th century. Has a section for members only.
  • Keane of Kilnamona -
    Researching the name Keane originally of Ballyashea, Kilnamona, County Clare, IRL and various branches thereof. Uniting all lineages across the globe.
  • Kanstad -
    Family history of Yngvar Kanstad, Skien, Norway. Includes surnames Johannesen and Johannesdatter.
  • Kotowski -
    Descendants of John Spencer Martin, Johann Nay and John Ashcraft as compiled by N L Kotowski from Parkersburg, WV USA.
  • Kramarsic -
    Multi national name study compiled by Igor Kramarsich. Includes database and mailing list.
  • Keener -
    Sharon (Keener) Bennett's family tree featuring the American lineages from WV, VA, PN, NC; and the Dutch from Holland.
  • Kitch-Garrison -
    Tracing the descendants of David Garrison across NY, PA, IA, IL, KS, and OK in the USA.
  • Kitces -
    Family history including the variants Kitces, Keces, Keses, Kitsis. Also features the surnames Charest, Pearson, Gordon, Westheimer, Greenwald, Simon, Rohr and Dunsky.
  • Kwasigroch -
    Family history including surnames Weigel, Kelley, Stavola, Evans and Burkhart.
  • Kibbee, Rosnagel, Slater, Thompson and Allied Lines -
    Family history including surnames Stadler, Emery, Thompson, Hintz, Wilson, Rakoczy and Masters. Features descendant trees, photographs and associated links.
  • Kerrell -
    Researching the name and its application. Family tree dates to the early 17th century.
  • Key -
    Family tree of Barbara Key including photographs and information about Virginia, Tennessee and Texas.
  • Kropf -
    Descendants of Willhelm Frederick Kropf (b.1901) of Teuffenthal, Bern, SWZ. Includes the surnames Noyes and Whiting.
  • Kelsall -
    Documenting the name and associated lineages. Registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies, number 2955.
  • Kaczmar -
    Researching the Wachalivski, Kaczmar, Muzika, Hryczkow, Maykowicz, Szczawinska and Mirha family lines.