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  • Ironside

  • Imrie / Wampach - Mawhinney, Lambrecht, Rein, Etzel, Brassington, Bommer, Mcqueen, Vierling, Korver and more.

  • Ietto / Yetto / Letto

  • Iverson / Wold / Lund - from Vermillion, South Dakota are pictured and you will find details about these original homesteaders and their descendants.

  • Imhoff - searchable surname database, documentation, family history, and a genealogical report.

  • Irish Family History Foundation Clans - directory of individual clan pages.

  • Irvine - information on the descendants of Christopher and Annie Irvine, from Scotland.

  • Ingersoll - Researching the name and its application including the variant Ingerson. Features database, history, arms and associated links and resources.

  • Ireton Family - - Resource to share Ireton pedigree data and general information. Includes bulletin board for mutual exchange.

  • Imrie - - Descendants of Alexander Imrie of Scotland, plus associated Wampach line.

  • Iggulden - - Descendants of the deYgolvyndenne name. Includes variants Iggleden, Igglesden, Eggleden, Egglesden and Higglesden. Compiled by Wayne Iggulden from Surrey, BC CAN.

  • Iseli - - History of the name and variants Iseli, Eseli, Esely, Esley, Isaly, Isel, Isely, Isley, Islie, Izel, Yselle and Yssel. Site is maintained by Erich Iseli and is available in German, French, English and Afrikaan.

  • Ingraham: Berkshire Connection - - Ancestral history including Hall, Pike and Evzerow from Bershire County and Pittsfield, MA to Rensselaer County NY, USA. Compiled by Lois M Spatuzzi.

  • Inglis: A Journey Through Time - - Family history of Airlie Marion Inglis including the surnames Moore, Doyle, Griffith, Halliday, Barton and Stedman. Features origin and subsequent arrival in Australia.

  • Iddison - - Pre 1900 ancestral history, includes pedigree, descendant charts and family lore from 19th century Yorkshire. Compiled by Dave Brown.

  • Iturburu Family Tree - - Ancestral history including origin of name. Compiled by Liz Kelly.

  • Iampietro Family - - Ancestral history of Joseph Iamartino of Thompson, CT USA.

  • Iannetta Family - - Ancestral tree including surnames Conte, D'Onofrio, Venditti, Rosati and D'Angelo.

  • Iati - - Family Tree of Anthony P Iati as compiled by Robert A Iati.

  • Isley: Our Family History - - Records pertaining to the descendants of Malachi Isley (b.1725). Includes census data for 1790 through to 1920; cemetery listings including birth and death dates; and tombstone and family photographs.

  • Irons-Rogers - - Family history of Emily Irons Rogers from Geneva, IL USA.

  • I'Anson International - - Worldwide study including variants Ianson and Janson. Registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies, number 2798.

  • Imbody; Some Descendants of Johan Adam Imbody researching Imbody from Switzerland

  • Ingersoll Genealogy Research Home Page looking for Ingersoll, Inkersall in the US

  • Ingham; Deland / Ingham Family Genealogy

  • Ingham; Waldocks, Inghams & Krugers researching Waldok, Kruger and Ingham surnames

  • Ingram Genealogy Page Ingram Wallace Slavens genealogy

  • Ingram - Warren Genealogy Page looking for Ingram, Warren

  • Inman Family Genealogy researching Southworth, Winn, Embry, Inman, Easter, Pendergraft, Self, Wooldridge, Smith

  • Irvine; The Ervin's of Tallahassee researching Irvine, Ervin surnames


  • Itzstein; Muller Bolger Itzstein Miller looking for Muller, Itzstein, Bolger, Miller