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  • All Irish Clans And Names - contains indices of current Irish clans with contact information, URLs, and family name information.
  •  Ayrshire - contains genealogy of the Ayrshire name and history of the Scottish towns Ardrossan, Saltcoats, and Stevenston.
  • Ashbaugh - including links to genealogy sites, reunions, and more.
  • Allman / Helms - other surnames include: Almond, Allmon, Boring, Daniel, Lee, Raper, Shadden, Smith, Swain, Vaughn, and Wilson.
  • Akins / Etienne - information and history for families coming from France, and allied families covering Ohio and Mississippi.
  • Annis - surname from 1664 to the present, includes links to relevant sites.
  • Ahronson - details on the background of the family.
  • Alvis - other surnames include: Peters, Montgomery, McGirty, Story, and Loudermilk.
  • Autry - variant spellings: Autry, Autrey, Autery, Awtry, Awtrey, Awtray, d'Autry, and more.
  • Adkins - contains information on surnames, mailing lists, reunions, cemetery listings, etc.
  • Andrews [] - also: Byron, Clay, Dakin, Darke, Elliott, Exell, Franklin, Hardy, Hatton, Hobbis, Ireland, Page, Painter, Parsley, Swain, Walker and Yarwood.
  • Ackerman - for descendents of David Ackerman and Lisabeth Bellier who arrived New Amsterdam 1662.
  • Appleby - includes: Marshall, Bailey, Lindsay, Muir, Robertson, and McCutcheon.
  • Axtell - 14 generations of genealogy plus geography, GEDCOMs, graphics, and a governor.
  • Axsom Family Page - Alphabetical index of surnames from the Axsom family database: Abeyta to Zollna
  • Angus / Appleton - also including: Arbuckle, Campbell, Chamberland, Draggo, Foster, Grundy, Oakes, Paquette, Purvis, Randall, Tiner, Tuggle, Wolf, and related families
  • Aghadiuno - origin and genealogy of the surname.
  • Alton / Allton / Aulton - organisation researching the Alton-sound surname (including its variations) and their ancestral links overseas.
  • Armstrong / Bowman - also including: Dodd, Fleming, Groat, Jakob, Leuenberger, Lock, Price, Rice, Rush, Swanson and Walrath.
  •  Ackroyd - also Suthers, Grayson, Mitchell, Stocks, Walker, Cunningham, Colton, Maloney, Nolan, Pearson, Robinson, Winterburn, and Slinger.
  • Apgar - information on family history, family tree, and reunions.
  • Al-Mannai - genealogical and historical documents on the tribe. In Arabic.
  • Avery / Cushman - Family history back to the Mayflower and earlier, covering Johnson, Newcomb, Bradford, Howland and others.
  • Atchison - Lineage of the Atchison family including related families of Kurtz, Chestnut, Bowen, Woodward and more.
  • Asbury - information on famous Asburys, including Herbert Asbury, chronicler of the gangs of New York, and Mary Asbury, a suffragette.
  • Allander - Allander, Strawn, Painter and Cairns genealogy, and favourite links.
  • Athey - genealogical research site of Virginia Athey.
  • Agan - history of an American family from colonial times to the present.
  • Aufrichtig - traces eight generations of the family, from Nuremburg and Moravia to its spread across five continents.
  • Abney - dedicated to the collection, correction, and communication of Abney and related family information.
  • Akers - research starting wtih William Akers and including Emery, Hudson, and Jacob Akers.
  • Ancell - an Ancell family history, with a request to fill in holes.
  •  Aldam - history and descendants of the Aldam family of Belton-in-Axholme, Lincolnshire, and London, U.K.
  • Alter - containing family files and pictures.
  • Armes - descendants of Edward Armes and Miss McHenry.
  • Alexander - Mark J. Alexander offers information and GEDCOM files on Alexanders from 17th-c England to 19th and 20th-c Minnesota.
  • Andraska - information on six generations, including pictures and letters.
  •  Antell - contains a list of references to the surname Antell in parish registers in England. Includes baptisms, marriages, and burials.
  • Ayers - history of John and Ada Ayers Family with Links to Ayers' in Virginia and North Carolina.
  • Albalat genealogy of Albalat surname from principality of Catalonia and the Kingdom of Valencia, Spain
  • Anderson; Martine's Genealogy information on families from the counties of Annapolis and Digby, Nova Scotia, including surnames of ANDERSON, BANKS, BENSON, BROOKS, DAKIN, DANFORTH, DENTON, FORSYTH, LYON, PARK, SPECHT, TITUS, WEST and WINCHESTER.
  • Ansley Genealogy Tracking the descendants of John Ansley of colonial Connecticut and Pennsylvania
  • Argus Family History Thomas and John Argus and their families migrated to Australia in the 1840's from Cornwall in England and established the family in Australia with Ernest Edward Argus, a grandson of Thomas, moving to New Zealand in 1901 and establishing the New Zealand branch of the family tree.
  • Armitage Genealogy Armitage genealogy and family history from UK to Seneca & Wayne Co. NY

  • Arney Genealogy researching Arney surname in North Carolina and Pennsylvania
  • Arsenault Genealogy researching Acadian surnames: Allain, Alain, Allard, Angne, Angers, Armstrong, Aubois, Audet, Ash, Babin, Bariault, Benard, Bernard, Bertelot, Bilodeau, Bissonnette, Boisvert, Blanchard, Boucher, Boudreau, Boudrot, Bourgeois, Breau, Braud, Bujold, Candy, Caplan, Charlemagne, Cascapedia, Chiasson, Chouinard, Comeau, Colborne, Clouter, Cormier, Cyr, Cyprien, Damboise, Debigare, Delauny, Desroches, Desrosiers, Doucet, Dube, Dugas, Fallu, Ferlat, Francoeur, Fraser, Gaudet, Gautrot, Gauthier, Gauvreau, Garceau, Gariepy, Girouard, Godin, Gosselin, Guillebeau, Granger, Greene, Hall, Hayes, Hebert, Harquail, Jacob, Kelly, Labillois, Labrie, Labreque Lacroix, Lamontagne, Lanteigne, Lasablonniere, Landry, Langlois, Laviolette, Leblanc, Leclerc, Lefebvre, Lepine, Letourneau, Levasseur, Levesque, Madigan, Mcbrearty, Mckenzie, Mcintyre, MacBeal, Mirande, Michel, Michelet, Monieu, Moisan, Moreau, Murray, Nadeau, Normandeau, Nuirat, Ouellet, Philippe, Pitre, Poirier, Porlier, Richard, Reven, Robichaud, Roy, Roux, Savoie, Seaulan, Seguin, Stuart, Sutton, Theriot, Theriault, Thibault, Trudel, Vandry, Vecot, Wafer
  • AUTY Surname Site researching Auty and variations: AWTY, AUTIE, AUTTIE, AUTEY, AUTTY, AUTTEE, AUITT (Latin)

Family history of Otto William Bowman and Naomi Louise Seher. Includes surnames Asche and Sieling; and Mink, Smith and Kinzer of Rockcastle and Bell Counties of Kentucky.
Forum for the exchange of information concerning the name and spelling variations in Newfoundland and Labrador, CAN.
Allred Family Roster
Index of the surname Allred and allied families, plus membership organisation. Surname frequency, newsletter and CD-ROM.
Web ring open to any site related to the Albee, Allbee, Alby, Aulby, Allebee and Albe name.
Acree: A Family Tree
Ancestral history of Charles Acree including Sachse, Hoover, Ogden, Skipworth, Nelson, TenEyck, Williamson and associated families. Focuses on early English and Dutch settlers in America. Features migration, military and occupational data.
Family history in Italian and English.
Descendants of Antonio Amalfitano and Francesca Lauro. Includes family tree, photographs, forum and reunion details.
Annis Family Association
Research and preservation of family records, plus communication and reunion within the USA and CAN.
Autry Heritage
Ancestral research including spelling variations of Autery, Awtry, d'Autry, Dautry and Outry. Includes Autry surname e-mail list.
Family history including ahnentafel and pedigree charts, US census information, old naming patterns and medical terms, patronymics, Native American research and Quaker dating system.
Family history from the Lofoten Islands, northern Norway. Includes photographs and links.
Family research as compiled by Linda Altom. Includes the surnames Barnett, Dacus, Kitts and Myers.
American descendants of Francois Etienne of Courtemaiche, SWZ. Compiled by Clem W Akins Jnr.
Family history of David E Austill, including biographies, pedigrees and spelling variation of Austell.
Archibald: Our Family Tree
Various surnames, searchable database, histories and photographs featuring ancestors from Scotland, Wales, England, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Switzerland and early America.
Family history including the associated lines of Philippe and Paruit, settlers in Mauritius.
Annals of the Annals
Dedicated to the study of the Annal family, worldwide.
One-name study of Alefounder and variants. Includes family trees, heraldry and biographical notes.
Arledge Family History Project
Tracing the American lineage with origins pertaining to the name of Aldridge.
Allman and Helms
Descendants of Nathaniel Almond (Alman) born circa 1730 in VA; and Legate Helms born circa 1807 in NC. Surnames include Boring, Daniel, Hicks, Killian, Lee, Marr, Patterson, Raper, Shadden, Smith, Swim, Hubbard, Vaughn, Watson and Wilson.
Arner, Erner, Orner and Urner Families in America
Ancestral research compiled by Joseph Erner.
Annecchiarico Family
Ancestral history including the tree of the Pastore family. Search has spread to Southern Italy and North West England.
Allred Family Organization
Dedicated to gathering, sharing and storing Allred ancestral history throughout the USA. Includes free membership, latest research updates and DNA project.
Ayers and O'Malley: Shakin' of the Family Trees
Researching the family ties of Aarin Shane O'Malley.
Avis Family Tree
Ancestral history including family photographs from the 1800s.
Allchurch/Hallchurch and Related Families
Featuring the family in Tudor times in North Worcestershire; the diary of Edward Allchurch 1866 written on his voyage from the UK to AUS; and the history of the related Pipes of Bilston including Sir Richard Pype, Lord Mayor of London and descent from Plantagenet Kings.
Ancestors and descendants of Thomas Ahmuty. Includes descendant charts and features transcripts of wills, and other historical documents.
Akers Family: Banyan Tree
Family history of the late Earl B Akers, Snr. Presented by his family Kay Lynn, Teresa, Melanie and Earl, Jnr.
Tracing the lineages of the North York Moors in the UK. Featuring the descendants of Stephen and Charity Ainsley who farmed in Bilsdale in the late nineteenth century.
Anstine/Onstine Family
Descendants of Johan Jurg Anstein. Includes surname resources, reunion information and research interests.
Alvis Family
Researching the lineage from Greenbrier County, VA; includes the associated lines of Loudermilk and King.
Ancestors and biography of Dr Conrad Lacunious Allgood MD (1886-1963); married Lucy Goodman Faulkner (1890-1947) and later Mary Jane Farmer (1889-2002).
Augustin Family History
Family history of Jeff Augustin, CA USA. Includes surnames Ellerman, Irwin, Klundt, Koutnik, McMurry, Top and Weddig.
Research based on Ahrons(s)ons from South London that spread throughout the Commonwealth and the USA. Compiled by Tim Ahronson of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK.
Allison Family of Southern Illinois
Ancestral history featuring pedigree and photographs. Compiled by James W Allison.
Adent Family Tree
Ancestral heritage of Anthony Leo Adent, including the descendants of Leonas Eidimtas and Rozalija Prancuzevicius.
Ancestors of Bill and Kathy Awbrey, Pleasant Hill, OR USA. Includes surnames Applegate, Chenoweth, Deadmond, Farnsworth, Hills, Jeffries, Ketchum, Sparks, Wallace and Windmiller.
Aspin: Custodians for a Century
Family history of descendants of John and Margaret Aspin. Includes copies of historical documents, descendant charts, and features the related surnames of Garrett, McPike, and Short.
Descendants of Charles Allaire who left Poitou, FRA in 1658 and sailed to the New World on the Le Tareau (The Bull). Compiled by Philip John Dallaire.
Abernathy/Abernethy Families
Family history of Brian Abernathy including the exchange of information, stories and data.
Adent Family Tree
Ancestral heritage of Anthony Leo Adent, including the descendants of Leonas Eidimtas and Rozalija Prancuzevicius.
Ancestors of Bill and Kathy Awbrey, Pleasant Hill, OR USA. Includes surnames Applegate, Chenoweth, Deadmond, Farnsworth, Hills, Jeffries, Ketchum, Sparks, Wallace and Windmiller.
Aspin: Custodians for a Century
Family history of descendants of John and Margaret Aspin. Includes copies of historical documents, descendant charts, and features the related surnames of Garrett, McPike, and Short.
Alsup Genealogy
Author offers two books on Alsup genealogy.
Gary and Angela Aldam's family history including the surnames Baker, Chappell, Garratt, Glendining, Gray and Kibbey.
Genealogy and notable family members.
Antrim Family Newsletter
Fee based subscription featuring the Antram and Antrim families of Salem, from 1635 to present day. Includes the poetry and ancestors of Clyde V Antrim.
Group display and family tree journal.
Researching the lineages from Pennsylvania, USA. Includes photographs, vital records, and the related lines of Mooney, Clarke, Hevner and Teubner.
Arndt: Leaves of Our Family Tree
Ancestors and relatives of Rachel, Erik, Caleb, and Sarah Arndt.Includes family stories, pedigree charts, photographs and related surnames.
Descendants of Michael Arbogast (1734-1812) late of Pendleton County, VA USA.
Ashworth: Pomeroy, OH USA
Ancestors and descendants of James Ashworth and wife Mary. Includes surnames Baker, Bond, Carver, Castle, Cornelsen, Ehlers, Erickson, Gaede, Hoyt, La Tourette, Patzkowski, Rupp, Schenck, Scott, Sponberg, Stromberg and Weber.
Aronhalt Family
Research notes of Charlie O'Haver, thrice great grandson of Adam Aronhalt.
Descendants of Freidrich Wilhelm Altreuter who came from Bavaria to New York City circa 1850. Focuses on the lineage of John Henry White III and Florence Riddle.
Family history of Martin Angold; origins traced to 16th century, East Anglia, UK. Branches extend to AUS, DEU, RUS, CAN and the USA.
Connecting the Anning name across the globe. Includes database organised by geographical region with contact information.
Family history and professional interests of Dr Francis (Sid) A'Hearn, National Defense University.
Family tree of John Adey of Painswick, Gloucester, UK. From the 1600s to present day.
Ancestral research including the Paulic lineage from Hungary. Also features the Hungarian national anthem. Available in English, German and Hungarian.
Family history, news and events plus services for family members. Includes associated Abecassis family.
Family history, general interests and professional resume of Ken Alvey. Features the descendants of John Alvey (circa 1753) and Elizabeth Everingham (1755).
Audet Family
Family lineage compiled by Phillip Charles Audet. Includes related surnames and links.
Worldwide, resource hub for those researching the name.
Arocha: Mis Raices
Ancestral history of Victor Asteinza including the Arocha, Asteínza, Polanco and Trelles families.
Book on the Aebi-Eby Families of Switzerland, Germany and North America, 1550-1850, by George F. Newman and Dieter E. Newman.
Askew Family
Family history of Josiah Askew from Edgecombe County. Includes surnames Byrum, Forehand and Pleasants.
Austen Family History
Ancestry of Robert Austen Young (1910-1985) and May Aroha Free (1911-1981) who were married in Auckland, NZ in 1935.
Family tree of Joseph Abou-Rjeily. Lineage originated from Mount Lebanon in the 17th century but has now spread worldwide. In English and French.
Researching the lineages from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. Includes information on the history of Aguadilla, surname index, and family tree.
Ancestery of Aaron Alsweiler featuring gedcom files, general history, family tree and guestbook.
Austin Family Tree
Ancestors and relations of James Arthur Austin born in Govan, Glasgow on 15 October 1896 .
Au Coin
Family history and general interests of Robert Au Coin, Canada.
Adkins: World of James
Ancestral history and general interests of James J Adkins II. Includes chronicles, origins, annual reunion, database, message boards, digest, crest, stories and photographs.
Asplet and Bryant Family
Searching for information on the Asplet family of Jersey, Channel Islands. Also researching the family line of William Lafayette Bryant and Mary Etta Bryant of Union County, Mississippi.
Ancestral heritage featuring the surnames Ashley, Brown, Burgan, Cantrell, Drain, Falls, Hallum, Hardy, Hunt, Hutchins, Kimmer, McKee, Phipps, Price, Westbrook and Willard.
Ajzenbergs of Telechan
Family tree, Arthur Eisenberg's family history book, and an account of Arthur's trip to Telechan. Includes variants Eisenbergs and Eizenbergs.
Alleyne of Barbados
Family tree of Rev Richard Alleyne including the associated branches of Mahon, Tardien and Blonval.
Almond Family
Family history photograph album with pictures dating back as early as 1814. Also includes document scans, a guest book, and contact information.
Arcadipane and Ark Family History
Ancestors and descendants of Salvatore Arcadipane Jnr and his wife Giovanina (Jennie) Sciarrotta, who migrated to the USA from Sicily, Italy in the 1900s. Includes name variation of Ark.
Ada Family Tree
Descendants of William Ada, Exciseman. UK, Australia, Canada and the USA.
Ansley Family Association (AFA)
Resources and repository for all Ansleys including variant spellings and collateral families. Mostly US but encourages the submission of worldwide lineages.
Agyar Family Mailing List
Features ahnentafel reports, biographies, BDMs, cemetery and census records, church registers, reunions, wills and obituaries, webrings, land patents, military history, and tax records.
Applebee: From Pughole to Pasture
Descendants of Joseph Applebee and Sarah Bacon (nee Peaker). Joseph emigrated to South Australia in 1839 with his mother and step-father, Daniel and Ann Hall.
Relations of Doug Arbuckle including the surnames Farmer, Jacobs, Roark and Weeks.
Family history of Leonard Avilla, Kemmerer, WY USA.
Family history of Joyce Acey. Includes surname list, photographs, and a collection of census, birth, marriage and death record resources.
Family history of Travis Glen Alger including surnames Clark, Davis, Downes, Fisher, Gentry, Hatch, Jensen, Miller, Reid and Winn.
Andrew: Ancestral Forest
Family history of Michael and Barbara Andrew. Features the descendants of Robert Andrew (d.1791) late of Orange County, NC.
Ackers Family
Family history and general interests of Jonathan Ackers. Includes the Ackers of Wigan, Scarisbrick and South West Lancashire, 1700 to present day. Also features a link to the Intercity Strollers.
Alford: Family Heritage of the Virginias
Descendants of John (Irish) Alford including family history reports, photographs and associated links.
Family history tracing line from Surrey in the UK to Australia as compiled by Noel Adsett. Includes photographs, general history and gedcom.
Abbs One-Name Study
Origin, variants and available records.
Avery Family
Ancestral history featuring the surnames Avery, Mighall, McMillan, Pearce and Cuthbertson.
Atallah Family
Family history from Lebanon to the USA. Includes family tree, photographs, and today in history.
Ancestral research including surnames Reams, Holcomb, Key and Patton.
Researching the worldwide lineages of Axsel, Axel or Achsel. Includes the descendants of Christian Frederick Axsel, and an early history of the South Africa lines.
Ancestral heritage of Dean Amaddio including the surnames Amadio (Amaddio), Pacelli (Pascelli), Jones, (Van) Westervelt and Weymouth.
Researching the Andert, Muth, Unger and Fleischhaker families of Pomogy, Hungary (Pamhagen, Austria). Compiled by Gene Andert. Includes link to Hamman surname resources.
Family tree of Wayne E Arnall including the Seiver lineage.
Dedicated to the lineages who inhabited the villages surrounding the Adonis River, Lebanon and to the towns and villages such as Mazraet-Yachouh, Deir-El-Ahmar and Leilaki.
Allphin Family History
Ancestral research pertaining to the lineage of Israel Dodge Allphin, as compiled by the descendents of Reuben Lister Allphin and Ella Elvina Asay.
Atwell Genealogy
History and family tree compiled by John Atwell. Includes surname index and sources.
Family history of Irma M Arriola featuring the descendants of Remigio and Dolores Lopez Arriola from Abasolo Guanjuato, Mexico. Includes photographs and the surnames Garcia and Diaz.


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